We are proud to bring back the old-school neighborhood butcher.   Whether you’re hungry for a delicious dry-aged steak or juicy house made sausage, our team at the service meat counter is focused on serving you.

Need a different cut?  Planning a big barbecue? Need a little extra to entertain?  Just ask us!  With minimal advance notice, we can get most cuts of meat, if we don’t already have it in our case.

Raising animals humanely, sustainably is important to us.  Simply put, we refuse to make compromises.  That way our customers don’t have to worry if they’re selecting the best – they’ll already know it.


Creekstone Farms only processes the finest Premium Black Angus Beef.  So that means not only do they support local farms, but they also ensure our beef has met some the most rigid food safety standards anywhere. http://www.creekstonefarms.com/


Raised on certified organic pastures, with a diet of no additives, hormones, antibiotics, Sun Fed Beef is humanely raised and sustainably farmed. Our cattle are born and raised in those open spaces where we have adapted to natural weather patterns to grow premium quality grass-fed year-round.  http://sunfedranch.com/