Charcuterie Made Simple

Whether it’s date night or your having friends over for a get together, a charcuterie board is an easy way to please everyone. So what is it?


While charcuterie refers specifically to preserved meats like bacon and confit, charcuterie boards more often refer to a combination of meats, cheeses, and complimenting accoutrements. Putting one together is simpler than you think, just follow the tips below and remember that variety is key.

1.       Start by selecting your serving board by considering how many people you are serving since size is going to determine how much you can display. The plating is usually done on a wooden serving board that gives a nice rustic feel but a plate or serving platter can work just as well depending on your tastes and needs.

2.       Next up is to choose at least 2-3 cheeses that offer different textures and flavors. Grab yourself a soft cheese like brie or camembert, a harder cheese like manchego, and then something a bit more tangy like a blue or goat cheese. Spread these out on your board first since they take up a lot of real estate, leaving the softer cheese whole or in a wedge and pre-slicing the harder cheeses.

3.       Now on to the charcuterie of charcuterie board. Just like the cheese we are looking for cured meats that offer a variety in taste and mouth feel. Include some traditional fan favorites like prosciutto and salami as well as some softer more spreadable options like pâté. Place these around your board leaving a variety of spaces of varying shapes and sizes for your complimenting items.

4.       Grab a few small bowls and fill them with complimenting items that need to be contained. Olives, pickled onions or peppers, or dips (hummus, jams, etc.). You are looking for items that add variety and compliment everything else on your board.

5.       Next add on some slices of baguettes, crackers, or flat breads. You aren’t going to have enough space on the board, so make sure to keep extra nearby.

6.       Finally, it’s time for the freestyle portion, start filling out the nooks and crannies that are left with fruits, nuts, and vegetables that you and your guests favor. The best rule of thumb for this is simply to choose items that are perennial or are currently in season.

7.       As a final touch, don’t forget to grab your favorite bottle of wine to share.


Follow these steps or our in-store guide and you’ll be sure to look like a pro to all your friends and family.