Earth Day and Community

We are always staying active and giving back to the PV community we depend on and Earth Day is no exception. As part of our partnership with the Palos Verde School Gardens, a percentage of our sales tomorrow will be donated to help support them and the great work they do.

Garden 2

For those unfamiliar with the Palos Verde School Garden program, they seeks to create edible education learning opportunities in public places including schools and restaurant gardens. The PVSG Outdoor Classroom program, taught by PVSG garden educators, seeks to encourage students and teachers to consider the school garden as an extension of the traditional classroom rather than an extracurricular activity. The Outdoor Classroom is seen as a living laboratory where lessons are tied to common core curriculum standards, encourage inquiry-based learning, provide hands-on experiential learning opportunities and support next generation science standards. As part of their grade level experience each week, students have opportunity to collaborate with their peers, write and draw what they experience in their garden journals, taste seasonal and local produce, plant and tend to their school garden beds and develop an understanding of what is needed to become environmental stewards of the future.

Garden 1

If you would like to learn more about them, click here, and thanks for helping us support a great cause.