Gluten-Free Food

In recent years it has become quite common for many people to follow special dietary restrictions for health and ethical reasons. Whether it’s vegetarian, gluten-free, keto, vegan or something else, we try to provide a host of options for everyone who shops at the market.

Today we though we would highlight some of our gluten-free options, picked out by one of our own cashiers who is familiar with the struggle of finding good food that’s gluten free. Click on any of the product names to find out more about them.


Let’s start with the snacks and small bites pictured above:

GF Frozen

Still want more? Check out the images below or stop by and we will be happy to find a tasty something for you.

GF Sweet and Salty

GF Flour

As a final note: With any dietary restrictions, please double-check the ingredients list to be sure your food is safe for you to eat.