Memorial Day Weekend – Part 1: Vegetables

With Memorial Day weekend coming up we thought we spend the week talking about an American pastime, grilling out. Today is all about the veggies – making them shine so they don’t seem an afterthought to your weekend fun.


Tips and Tricks

Before we get to the recipes, check out these simple tips to save you some hassle when it comes time to grill. Most recipes cover this, so skip ahead if you are already a grilling pro.

1.       Toss them with a light touch of oil to prevent them from drying out and it helps to keep your seasoning in place. Just don’t go too heavy on the oil as it can cause flare ups with dripping.

2.       Know your cook times, not all vegetables are created equal. A potato and a pepper have drastically different cook times and shouldn’t be treated the same. To prevent scorched food, sear the vegetables on high heat and then move them to a cooler part of the grill to finish cooking.

3.       Use the right tool for the job. Some veggies require a grill basket or skewer to be safely cooked on the grill, others work best in tinfoil packets.

4.       Cut the vegetables to the right size and be consistent. If you are making kebobs, you don’t cut thin sticks, you cut half inch to one inch cubes of vegetables. In the same way, if you are cooking the vegetable directly on the grill then you’ll want a wide cut for the veggie with about a half inch thickness so they cook quick and don’t fall into the flame.

Recipes for all the Usual Grilling Vegetables

Portobello Mushrooms – Only four ingredients (including the mushrooms) and almost as little effort. Great for those vegetarians and vegans looking for a burger substitute.


Brussel Sprouts – A straight forward and easy recipe from Alton Brown that takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish.

brussel sprouts

Corn – Bobby Flay may be overthinking it with this recipe but if you are looking to spice up the standard corn on the cob, he’s got you covered.


Potatoes – If you are looking for something besides a baked potato, check out this classic rosemary seasoned red potato recipe

Grilled potatoes

Everything Else – Finally, here is a recipe for the bulk of the veggies you probably want to grill


Enjoy and check back Wednesday for some great side dishes and drinks!