Memorial Day Weekend – Part 2: Sides and Drinks

While the grill is king for most memorial day celebrations, we can’t forget about the supporting cast, so today we are focused on sides and drinks for your shindig.


For any good celebration outside you need a couple of options to quench your thirst. If you enjoy cooking or have some lazy guests that don’t want to cook and bring food, this is a great option to get them to bring to the gathering.

Water – Be safe and stay hydrated, simple as that. In addition you can be sure it’s a drink all of your guests can enjoy

Soft Drinks – Whether it’s soda, juice, or sports drinks like Gatorade you’ll need something for those looking for more than water but can’t have or don’t want alcohol. If you have kids in attendance, this is a must have alongside the water.

Beer and Wine – Whether you have generous guests or you are a generous hosts, having a selection of beer and wine available helps everyone enjoy the day. Look for lighter beers and summer wines to pair with the grill options.

Friday 5/25/18 through Monday 5/28/18, all 12 packs of soda, select cases of water, and a selection of beer will be on sale!



Snacks – A handful of options for grazing on are great for before and after the main meal. Grab some chips, veggies, and dips to be all set.

Salad – Having a salad or two or three hanging out with the burgers and veggies is standard so we have you covered with a couple recipes:

  1. Standard Salad – Not that anyone needs a recipe for lettuce and some fixings, we found a whole list [Click Here] of salads you can make if you are looking for a char on your leafy greens.
  2. Potato Salad – If you don’t have a secret family recipe for potato salad, have no fear because we found you a nice simple recipe to get you started, just [click here].
  3. Pasta Salad – There are an endless variety of pasta salads to choose from but we thought we would suggest a basic one – pasta, some veggies, and some Italian dressing. [Click Here]

Fruit – Don’t forget to have some of your favorite fruits to cool you off and balance out the flavors coming off the grill. Cut up some melons, grab some berries, or maybe some grapes; there really is no wrong choice here.

bbq essentials

Odds and Ends

One last thing, don’t forget these easy to overlook items for your day. Do you have enough for everyone?

  • Cutlery
  • Plates
  • Cups
  • Napkins
  • Ice
  • Condiments

Good luck and have a great holiday weekend!