So Many New Things

Lately we have been making quite a few changes, moving things around and bringing in new product. We are committed to bringing in what the community wants – whether it’s lower price points on staple items, to running sales more regularly, to bringing in new products we think you’ll enjoy. Today we would like to highlight some of those new products!


In our community, Coca-Cola is the undisputed champ over Pepsi products. So we’ve brought in a larger variety so you can find your favorite.

Coke Product

Aloe Gloe

A while back we brought in Viva Aloe Drinks and they have been a big hit, so we’ve brought in another group of aloe drinks for everyone to try out.

Gloe Aloe

Sun Tropics Rice Pudding

Delicious dairy free and gluten free pudding in three great flavors, what’s not to love!


Lark Ellen Granola

Granola that comes in clusters, making it super easy to snack on. Personally, I can’t get enough of the vanilla cinnamon.

Lark Ellen Granola

Sun Tropics Island Saba Banana Chips

Delicious banana chips with thinner crispier cut to them than a normal banana chip making them too easy to scarf down.

Banana Chips

Boom Chica Pop

Popcorn in loads of delicious flavors!

Boom Chicka Pop


Terra chips, made from veggies and packed with flavor. I may or may not have devoured whole bags in a single sitting.


Fiber and protein packed into a great little drink. Simple and healthy, can’t lose with that.


These are just some of the great new products we’ve brought in lately. Honestly, this isn’t all of it and I’m surprised by how much there is after putting this post together. Let us know if you’ve tried some of these and as always, let us know if you would like to see something we don’t currently have in store.